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Town of Franklink MA
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Licenses & Certificates

Business Certificate:
Doing Business As (DBA) certificate is a public record of proprietor and partners and creates exclusive use of the DBA name.
Required when conducting business under a name other than your own.
Must be obtained in city or town where you are conducting business.
Fee: $40.00
Renewal: Must be refiled every 4 years. To request a renewal online click here

Civil Marriage Ceremony:
May be performed by a Justice of the Peace (city and town clerks are Justices of the Peace). There is a nominal fee.

Committee Appointment Request
If you are interested in serving the Town in any capacity, please fill out the Request for Committee Appointment Form
and submit to the Town Administrator's Office, 355 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038.
Information received will be available to all Town boards and officials, although the filling out of this form in no way assures appointment.

Copy of a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate
Certified copies of these records are also available from the state Registry of Vital Statistics.
Birth records: The Town Clerk will have birth records of anyone residing in Franklin at the time of birth.
Marriage records: The Town Clerk will have marriage records of any couple who filed their intentions in Franklin, no matter where the marriage took place. To request online click here
Death records: The Town Clerk will have a record of any death that occurred in Franklin. To request online click here
Fee: Vital record fee is $6.00, check, cash or online payment now available at the Town Clerk's Office. Copies may also be obtained by mail.

Dog License: All dogs in Franklin must have a license
Date: April 1st, must be renewed each year.
Must present evidence of a current rabies vaccination.
Fee: $15.00 for a spayed or neutered dog. $20.00 if not.
Late Fee: A fee of $25.00 is added to the Licensing Fee after July 1st.
By mail: You may register through the mail. Remember to include the rabies information and a self-stamped envelope along with your check made payable to "Town of Franklin".
Download Form (If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download it for free from Adobe.)

Online: Click here

Marriage License: To obtain a marriage license a person:
Must be eighteen years old.
Must file their intentions to marry with the Town Clerk in person (except if one person is in the military or incarcerated).
Cost of a license is $25.00. Cash or Check
The Marriage Intention Form is valid for sixty days and must be used for a ceremony conducted within Massachusetts. The agent (member of the clergy or Justice of the Peace) who performs the ceremony must sign the license in black ink and return it to the issuing city or town.

Register to Vote
Any Massachusetts resident, also a US citizen who will be eighteen years old as of the next election is eligible to register to vote.
Visit Town Clerk's Office and fill out a voter registration form or Register To Vote [Link]
You may choose to register in a state political party or choose a political designation that will only allow you to receive the ballot of the selected party, and affects your ability to run for office.
Registration Deadline: At least twenty days before an election or Presidential Primary.

Voting in Franklin
The polls are open on election day from 6 am to 8 pm for town and state elections at the Franklin High School on Oak St.
At the Check-In table tell the poll worker your street name first, followed by your street number and then your name.
If your name does not appear on the list the poll worker will send you to the Town Clerk's table.
To cast your vote in Franklin follow the Accuvote Instructions by filling in the dot next to the name you wish to vote for. If you need assistance, you may bring someone to assist you or ask a poll worker to provide confidential, non-partisan help.
NO political paraphernalia may be displayed within 150 feet of the entrance to the polling location (includes signs, stickers and lapel buttons).

Voting Absentee
If unable to vote on election day because of physical disability, religious beliefs or travel you may vote by absentee ballot.
Obtain your absentee ballot from the Town Clerk before 12 noon the day before an election. Absentee ballots are generally available up to three weeks before an election.
Application for absentee ballots may be submitted in-person at the Town Clerk's Office, or by mail. If a voter submits the application in-person he may obtain the ballot and vote over-the -counter (if available). Otherwise, the ballot is sent by mail.
Ask the Town Clerk's Office for information regarding members of the same household requesting absentee ballots.
Return of ballots: Must be received before the polls close to be counted for Franklin Town elections. Other rules apply for State elections, [Link] or ask the Town Clerk's Office for more information.